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DynaMed’s mission is to provide the most useful information to healthcare professionals at the point of care to improve health outcomes worldwide.

DynaMed delivers the most current and accurate, evidence-based content for practicing clinicians. Our multidisciplinary team systematically and objectively surveys emergent scientific literature and clinical practice guidelines. Relevant information is captured, appraised, and synthesized rapidly into DynaMed’s clinical content, with 6 rounds of updates a day on the site.

DynaMed surfaces actionable recommendations, key takeaways, and synopses, as well as allowing users to dig deep into the underpinning body of knowledge and study details.

DynaMed users are encouraged to create individual accounts which allows for a personalized experience, enhanced ability to track content of interest, and the ability to easily claim continuing education credits for use of the product.

DynaMed’s evidence-based methodology and literature surveillance is combined with clinical expertise to both complement and clarify the information which guides practice.

Conclusions can be based on the best available evidence only if the evidence is consistently and systematically identified, selected, evaluated, summarized, synthesized and interpreted, and continuously adjusted as new evidence becomes available.

The DynaMed team is composed of global leaders in medical informatics, an extensive network of clinical experts and a large team of methodological experts. The team is committed to improving healthcare outcomes by providing DynaMed users trustworthy clinical information where, when, and how they need it.

DynaMed is committed to supporting the lifelong learner. Whether it’s a clinician in need of continuing medical education (CME), a resident preparing for rounds, or a medical student looking to expand their knowledge and enhance their learning beyond the classroom, DynaMed can help.

Physicians and nurse practitioners using DynaMed are eligible to earn continuing medical education (CME) credits and continuing education (CE) contact hours, respectively. Physicians in certain specialties may also be eligible to earn Part II Maintenance of Certification (MOC) points. The American Medical Association (AMA) Physician’s Recognition Award and credit system describes internet point of care CME as self-directed, online learning on topics relevant to a physician’s clinical practice from a database whose content has been vetted by an accredited CME provider.

To earn CME/CE/CPD and MOC credit with every search of DynaMed users simply create a personal user account and the DynaMed CME Ticker tracks the credits accrued across all their devices. Clinicians can redeem CME credits individually or in a bulk submission, and after an easy one time configuration DynaMed will automatically submit MOC credits on the user’s behalf. Certificates are stored for easy access anytime.

Clinicians are often responsible for the documentation of time spent reading clinical resources for continuing professional development. DynaMed makes it easy for users to track their time spent reviewing clinical topics. Users simply make a one-time adjustment to their CME/CPD/CE and MOC Settings to select “Time-Based Tracking” and they are all set to earn while they learn.

DynaMed is a resource that supports educators with their medical education goals. The DynaMed team works closely with clinical educators to ensure they can provide their students with the most current clinical evidence in an effort to maximize the learning experience for students and residents.

DynaMed provides educators with a resource that supports medical education goals, encourages trainees to access the original research, and provides guidance on diagnosis and treatment options while preserving and supporting the essential learning opportunities that educators want to provide.

Residents in all specialties are now expected to conduct scholarly effort during training. DynaMed is committed to contributing to the medical training of health care professionals by providing scholarly opportunities. Residents and students can co-review DynaMed topics with a supervising faculty member who has clinical practice experience.

Residents and students have the opportunity to learn critical appraisal, evidence synthesis and other evidence-based processes

Faculty can provide real-time, hands-on opportunities for residents and students in which to evaluate clinical learning, evidence evaluation and use of a clinical resource to improve patient care evaluation and use of a clinical resource to improve patient care

Traditional research and publication efforts do not routinely adapt to residency program schedules. At DynaMed, we can tailor review opportunities to fit specific topics of interest and adjust deadlines to meet residency program schedules.


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