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  • ✔️1 year access to uptodate online on both web and mobile app platforms
  • ✔️Personal ID: the account will be register by your email and you have the right to change username and password later.
  • ✔️The account is made for your convenience, you can maintain to login on 3 devices at the same time (2 smart devices using mobile apps and 1 computer using web browser).
  • ✔️No hidden fee
  • ✔️All payment go through Paypal, the safest and the most secure transaction system, that always protect the buyers.
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More than 1.9 million clinicians in 190+ countries rely on UpToDate® to make the best care decisions and stay abreast of contemporary standards in the workflow and on-the-go. UpToDate is the only resource associated with improved patient outcomes and hospital performance, and studies show that clinicians who use UpToDate change their decisions 30 percent of the time. More than 7,100 world-renowned physician authors, editors, and reviewers use a rigorous editorial process to synthesize the most recent medical information into trusted, evidence-based recommendations. Every day, clinicians view topics covering 25 specialties over 1.6 million times.

UpToDate topics are viewed more than 50 million times per month, and our 2018 subscriber survey found that clinicians find the answers to their question over 94% of the time. This success reflects the breadth (25 specialties) and depth of our clinical content (over 11,800 topic reviews, each of which answers multiple clinical questions).

More than 80 research studies confirm widespread usage of UpToDate and its association with improved patient care and hospital performance. One, a study by researchers at Harvard published in the Journal of Hospital Medicine in 2011, showed that hospitals using UpToDate experienced shortened hospital stays, fewer deaths and better quality performance than non-UpToDate hospitals.

2 reviews for Uptodate Account : 1 year Subscription

  1. Robert Simon

    UpToDate is heavily used by everyone for clinical decision making, based on our usage stats. I’d rather my clinicians use UpToDate while they’re on the floor – and if they need more, give me a shout, I’ll do your search. UpToDate is good to double check or get an overview of something you’re not familiar with.

  2. Andrew Wiley

    UpToDate is about the most complete and detail-oriented medical reference I’ve seen. Any more in-depth than that, and you’re diving into the primary literature on PubMed. That said, I find it a “painful brainful” to read. It reads like it was written to cater to the skimmer and gleaner, but packs in way too much information, in all kinds of unexpected places, to be easily skimmed or gleaned.

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